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Auditions are about a lot of things. How good you are? Sure. How well you fit the show, the character, and the other cast members? That's a given. But it's also about who you are. Auditions are about having 3-5 minutes in a room to show someone what you would bring to the rehearsal process and, ultimately, the stage. This is, of course, broken down into how you deliver a monologue, a side, or a song, most obviously. How you can interpret and deliver a piece of text is a huge part of the audition process, everyone knows that. The other part is showing your personality, who you are, how you are to work with, and what you're going to be like. Going into a rehearsal process knowing you are choosing people to see every single day, I promise you, personality matters. The biggest thing I tell actors going into an audition is: be like your headshot- you, just on a good day. You have to want people to want to see you every day. Auditions are wonderful and terrible all at the same time; it's truly not a great way to gauge actors as artists, or people, but since we have to do them, we all just give it the old college try.

Preparing for auditions is, then, essential. If all you get is 3-5 minutes to land a job, being prepared is not just a good idea, it is necessary. I think the single thing that makes me a good director is that I love actors, I love the way they think, I love what they bring to the table and I love to see them succeed. I want actors to get jobs, and if I can help that happen, that's awesome.

Enter audition coaching. I run audition coaching sessions in one-hour sessions - I generally recommend that if you want or need more time than an hour that you do it in more than one session, but I'm pretty flexible. In our session I like to listen, to offer a second objective and directorial eye to your audition material. I want to make sure you have the best material for you, and to help you shape and mold your  material so that you can focus on showing whomever sits behind the table who you are.

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