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9 Rotations

Thank you for Listening

(or the Everyday Dying of Stained Glass Shadows)

The next play in the "Woods Cannon" project. A play that challenges form and language and attempts to explore the intricacies of violence toward women from an unlikely perspective.


"It all burns down around me. In the dream. The ones that were here the whole time. And the hazy paths. And the reason why I went there in the first place. It all burns down around me.

There was this dream I had once had a dream. And I could see farther around me than was usual. All the red orange burning below and the wood burning below and the not people around me burning below and the ones that were here the whole time."

12 Batches to Midnight

Part of the "Woods Cannon" project. A girl and her grandmother bake, talk, write, bleed, and paint their nails. Until midnight.


I knew those songs my whole life. They’re my favorite. Figures.



You’re a child, you have plenty more life.



No, I don’t.

All The Tiny Pieces

Seventeen years after a traumatic event a woman goes back into her own mind to uncover memories that she has lost. What is remembering? How do we navigate lost memories of our own history? Can we ever find our way back? 



"I had a dream that I was staring into a pool of clear water with no bottom, I could see to the bottom of the pool but it wasn’t an end. It was my own soul. And I understood. This was not here, this was somewhere else.


And there was a wood. Some specific, certain wood. Made from trees and dirt. And I was lost. And I was lost. I was lost and I was lost. I wasn’t there and I remember it. History is not enough. I’m here for the remembering."

9 Rotations

The play that inspired the solo "All the Tiny Pieces" and also that inspired a new writing project, the "Woods Cannon."



"There are a lot of reasons why no one remembers from back in the woods behind the house with the rip ripping of the shirt. Something about fixation changes and consolidation and reorganization. Remember? Yeah, I told you that before. Do you remember? She was a tender girl, that’s what they called her. A tender girl."

(Trojan) Women: Redux

A contemporary reimagining of Euripides' classic. Songs and stories investigate the effects of systematic rape of women as a global and historical tactic of war.

"I told myself to memorize the names and faces of my tormenters so that one day I might bring them to justice. Why was this done?"

The Inferno Project

A hapless man finds himself in the middle of the woods and is forced with a choice. How does he find his voice in a world where it's all been done before? How do you? A wood, a woman, an opportunity.

"I was never sure I even wanted children.  But for some strange reason I knew what sort of things I wanted to do with them.  These hypothetical beings that I didn’t even think I even wanted to exist.  I didn’t want to have them, insofar as they’d be…actually, mine.  But I did want to play with them.  I wanted to play with them the way my father played with me."

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