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"Daring, provocotive, and accomplished."
-NY Theatre

United Stages: "Lauren Reinhard - Out Of The Box"

"Flipping through Playbill one finds listings for forty-six shows, any one of which costs more to present for one evenings performance than the average small-venue play costs for its entire run. How does a small theater company make its mark and produce memorable shows in light of such startling inequity? They start by hiring a hot young director like Lauren Reinhard."

The Changeling:

"Director Lauren Reinhard displays the wisdom to stage the language and the passion rather than the plot, which is quite able to trundle along on its own with no help from the actors. The great beauty and chaos of the piece is in the heated, tactile quality of the language and the performances. Reinhard skillfully deploys a huge cast (nearly 20 in a theatre that may seat only three times that) across a nearly bare stage...Her staging is remarkably sensitive, and the first act closes with an astonishing image of fear, vulnerability, sexuality, and violence: daring, provocative, and accomplished." - review by George Hunka ·

Milkcan Theatre Fall 2006 Milk Man: "Out of the Ashes: Trojan Women 2.0"
Christine A. Vartoughian sat down to chat with Trojan Women 2.0 director, Lauren Reinhard, and sheds some light on what may at first glance seem to be a very dark world.

Orson's Shadow:
"Lauren Reinhard directed with a firm hand but a loose grip, which is not a contradiction in terms. The production was fast moving and surefooted, even if the play is a little over long, and the actors never seemed shackled to an overdetermined concept. Blissfully, they all seemed to move within the same play. That sounds like the least one should expect, but sadly it's often not the case, especially in productions of Shakespeare where warring acting styles are common and can be fatally distracting. This play had clarity of purpose that was like a roadmap pointing you in the right direction but not distracting you with too many signs." - Hot Review by Mimi Torchin

The House of Yes:
"Director Lauren Reinhard...has done a fabulous job creating the impression of an opulent mansion with little more than a variety of furniture and one simple platform.  Reinhard keeps the pace moving admirably and deals beautifully with the farcical appearances of the characters." - review by Anthony C.E. Nelson ·

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