Trojan Women 2.0

September 9th - 24th, 2006

Milkcan Theatre Company
The Michael Weller Theatre


Written by Charles Mee
Directed by Lauren Reinhard

What happens when the world falls apart and we have to take responsibility for it? Based on the works of Euripides and Berlioz, Trojan Women 2.0 sets the play by Euripides in modern times, in which we see Troy in ruins and a world reduced to such disarray and anguish that it will never recover again but will, instead spread death and disorder in all directions.

Featuring: Daniel Smith, Deborah Friedman, Elizabeth Days, Jennifer Cintron, Jessica Newton, Joe Sevier, Michael McGuire, Kenneth L. Naanep, Lindsay Drew, Mary Ellen Toomey, Mary Greenawalt, Michelle Miller, Nia Renee Hill, Satomi Blair, Teresa Wentzell, Malachy Orozco

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production photo credit: Karen Reinhard

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