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Teaching and Research Interests
  • Acting

  • Devising

  • Directing

  • Solo Playmaking

  • Actor Movement

  • Performance Art

  • Theatrical Intimacy Choreography

  • Creating a Culture of Care in the Actor's Studio

  • Playwriting

  • Theatre Pedagogy

Teaching Experience (selected)

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2022-present   Sarah Lawrence College

                        Theatre Program Manager/Affiliate Faculty

                                Undergrad Lab Devising

                             Craft and Character: Intermediate Actor's Workshop

                             The Art of Pedagogy: Creating Modern Theatre                                                   Classrooms in Higher Education

                            Director's Lab


2016-2022        Long Island University, Post Campus

                              Professor of Theatre

                              Basic Acting I

                              Basic Acting II

                              Graduate Devising

                              Undergraduate Devising

                              Solo Playmaking Independent Study

                              Playmaking from Page to Production Independent Study

                              Intimacy Choreography Independent Study

                              Performance Art Independent Study

                              Advanced Devising Independent Study

July 2017 and     Sarah Lawrence College  

July 2018            Summer Writer's Intensive Instructor

                              Devised Theatre Workshop

Student Evaluation Exerpts

"Lauren's class opened me up to whole new side of theatre-making, artistry, and performance art that I didn't know existed. It stretched my thinking in that we were given prompts and had to pull from our brains to create. Lauren created the safest, most creatively fulfilling classroom I have ever been in. You can't help but be inspired when you're around her energy and passion for what she teaches. She's the best and I'm so glad I got to learn from her again in my last year." -Devising, Fall 2019

"I have never improved so much as an actor and Lauren gave me the confidence I needed." - Basic Acting I, Fall 2019


"Lauren always pushed me to be the best I could be and made me trust my instincts more." - Production Laboratory, Spring 2020

"Learning how to apply our process so far to a character is difficult, but Lauren made it easy to understand. She always knows what your scene lacks and how to improve it. Working with Lauren helped me find new ways to grow and fix bad habits. Her feedback was incredibly valuable." - Basic Acting II, Spring 2020

"This class allowed me to think in different perspectives and to get out of my head. I have greatly improved by being in Lauren's class. I think that her perspective as a teacher, director, and divisor is very insightful and the notes she gives back are always helpful." - Basic Acting II, Spring 2020


"Getting to work with Lauren was the best thing about this semester. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable and she helped me to discover a lot of the ways that I was holding myself back in my acting. She also stretched my thinking so much about what acting can and should be." - Basic Acting I, Fall 2020

"This was my first acting class at LIU and it has perfectly introduced me to how I will be growing as an artist and what techniques I will use throughout my career. Lauren was instrumental in me making so many discoveries that have set me off on the right foot at school. I think her class was perfectly designed and I felt completely comfortable to express my artistry without fear of judgement. It was actually the most judgement free class I've ever been in, that's totally because of Lauren and the type of environment she creates." - Basic Acting I, Fall 2020


"This class was extremely stimulating. It challenged me to use my creativity in new ways and Lauren taught us how to be more articulate and helpful when critiquing my classmate's work. She created a really safe environment for us to explore and experiment in." - Devising, Fall 2020

"Professor Reinhard is phenomenal. She was around so much and was such an invaluable resource for us in helping us to connect our course work to the work we were being asked to do by our director. She is patient and knowledgable." - Production Laboratory, Fall 2020

"This class stretched my thinking when working on The Wolves. It allowed me to actually go deeper into the text and reason why I am making a choice within my immediate objectives as well as my play objective as a whole. Lauren was really helpful in making sure I was directing and scoring the text effectively." - Production Laboratory, Spring 2021

"I absolutely loved Lauren's class this semester. She provided me great material to work on and really seemed in tune with what everyone needed to work on to stretch them as actors. She also really cares about what you think and what you need and she cares that you feel brave in the room. She gives you all the tools you need to do your very best work." - Basic Acting II, Spring 2021

"I loved getting to spend so much time learning about a subject I am so passionate about and I loved getting to have Lauren again in class. Lauren is the most nurturing teacher I have had while simultaneously she has such high expectations for you because she knows what you're capable of. She was the driving force I needed to love what I do again." - Devising, Fall 2021

"Lauren's class taught me a lot this semester. As someone who went to a performing arts high school I was ready for a challege heading into college and I definitely got that. Going back to the beginning I see now was so important for me as an actor and I truly feel like all my hard work has really paid off and I've grown so much as an actor. Lauren is one of the best teachers I've ever had. I never felt like my boundaries were pushed, but I did feel that my comfort zone was challenged in small ways at times, which is what I think you need to be a  good actor." - Basic Acting I, Fall 2021

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class! Lauren is a wonderful teacher. I felt very supported  throughout the entire devising process and I feel like I am a stronger and more generous performer because of the class." - Undergrad Lab, Spring 2023

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